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Partnering with Perry Marshall, the world's #1 expert on sale growth through 80/20 Leverage.  READ how Financial Sozo changed Perry's life and the life of many of his followers. LISTEN to one entrepreneur's TESTIMONIAL  of his Financial Sozo session:

Hi Perry,

Two weeks ago I had my SOZO session with Margaret Nagib. You may recall that at the Eclipse event I asked you who I should do my SOZO with and you immediately recommended her. Great recommendation!

I wanted to share just a bit of feedback about the experience.

First of all, I would say that in terms of time value, for me this session fit into $1,000,000 per hour work. I truly believe that the clearing that happened will be worth at least that to me moving forward. It was extraordinary. The result of that short meeting was like years of personal work in clearing away limitations, constraints and veils to seeing clearly. It was an opportunity for me to complete processes started over four decades ago. And it opened the door for the next 30 years with a renewed clarity of purpose and focus.

I say this after having spent much of the last 49 years (starting around age 17) exploring personal growth, spiritual development and meditation. I was surprised, and very pleased at how simple and effective the process was. It was wonderfully clear and direct contact with spirit, guided by gentle input from Margaret. Questions answered. Shifts made. A pure joy!

Obviously, this experience is fresh in my mind and the changes coming out of it are relatively fresh as well. But I can say with certainty that my path moving forward has a kind of clarity I never imagined it could. In the few weeks since the experience, I’ve found myself able to connect at deeper and deeper levels.

I don’t consider myself a Christian, although I was raised Lutheran. If I had to label my spiritual leanings, it would be in the direction of Taoism. My studies and training in that tradition have been very much based on direct experience of spirit and moving in harmony with it.

Perhaps that’s why the SOZO process was so natural and easy for me. But regardless of the reason, I have to say that the SOZO process and Margaret’s support of it were both exceptional!

Thanks again for the recommendation!

— Dr. Bruce Eichelberger


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Photos by Sam Graves.